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This essay is not as bad as it may seem at a first glance, there are just a lot

by | May 15, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


This essay is not as bad as it may seem at a first glance, there are just a lot of options depending on the age of the child you choose to write about. Also, please do not take the time to actually interview a child, just make it up based on past experiences and what you know about children. Make it believable though, please! Do not forget to include the attachment style of the child throughout the essay (Ex: Secure attachment). You do not need any citations
Option 2) Observe a child of any age group (you may observe more than one child) and
write a report about it.
As part of this observation assignment, you have to observe a child of any age group for 1 hour
total. The observation can be conducted over a period of days and does not need to be
completed in one sitting. You may observe one child for an hour, or you may observe two
children for 30 minutes each. However, the total time that you observe should be an hour.
You need to identify children to observe early during the semester. You can select this option if
you have children or family members that you can easily observe. If it is not possible for you to
observe children, select the other two assignment options (option 1- documentary report or
option 3- interview assignment).
You need to carry writing materials to make detailed notes of your observed child or children.
Remember you are simply conducting an unobtrusive observation and you are not required to
interact with the child or teacher as part of this observation assignment. It is also essential that
there is always an adult present in the room (teacher, center assistants, parents, etc.) when
you are conducting the observation of the child. You do not need to complete the observation of
a child in one sitting. Hence, you may observe the child on multiple occasions for a total of at
least 1 hour.
Writing the report:
The paper should have a minimum of 4 pages. However, you want to also meet the
minimum page requirements for each section. There is no upper limit. However, a good
paper can be 5-7 pages long. The paper should have Arial 11 font and could be 1.5 inches
spaced with 1-inch margins on all sides. You are not required to use the APA format for the
section headers. However, you want to use APA or some other citation format when you use
materials from external sources. Make sure to cite the external sources as in-text citations and
add a reference list. All assignments will be submitted on Blackboard as a word document
or pdf by 11:59 pm on the date of submission. Assignments may have to be checked for
plagiarism on Blackboard or Turnitin.
1) Title: The title should include the following at the top of the first page and your name:
2) The introduction and summary/or record of the observation (20 points)
i) Background information (1/4th page minimum): This section should include the following
a. Anonymous name or letter to address the child (Child X, Child Y, etc.). This
should be 1/2th page minimum.
b. Age of child
c. Date and times of all observation. If the observation was conducted on multiple
occasions record the dates and timestamps of all observations
d. Location and setting of observation: Name of center or specify if it was a home
setting. Indicate the room of observation.
e. Report people present in the room during observation (children, parents,
teachers, center assistants, etc.).
f. Factors that may have influenced your observations
g. Other background information about the child that you received from the parent
or teacher before or after the observation.
ii) Record of actual observation: You would provide a record of what you noticed throughout the
observation. This would include a summary of your actual observation from the notes that you
made during your observation. (3/4th page – 1 page minimum)
3) Discussion and conclusion about the child: In this section, you may also include
interpretations, conclusions, overall comments, reflections, and interpretations of the child’s/children’s
behavior The discussion and conclusion about the child should include your basic observations
of the child in the different developmental domain areas.
i) Physical and biological development (3/4th page minimum) 20 points
ii) Cognitive development (3/4th page minimum) 20 points
iii) Socioemotional development (3/4th page minimum) 20 points
iv) Conclusion (3/4th page minimum) 20 points
Answer the following questions:
a) Provide your insights about cultural differences of the child with other children you may have
observed (if any). Is your child’s development consistent with what you would expect based on
their developmental level or age?
b)What did you learn about parenting style in their interaction with the parent? What did you
learn about child-rearing as a future parent?
c)What did you find intriguing or fascinating about the observation?
Choose and answer the questions based on if the child is an infant, early childhood, or middle childhood.
Physical Development
– Infant:- Observe the height, weight, reflex, gross, and fine motor skills. How is the child’s
developmental level physically? –”on time or behind.”
-Early childhood:- observe the child’s height, weight, physical characteristics, fine motor skills
(drawing pictures, shapes, circles, cutting, holding a cup, etc.) and gross motor skills (do they
run, jump, hop, climb, balance). Also, look for toilet training, sleep problems, handedness in the
-Middle Childhood:- Report the height and weight of the child and whether the child is
developmentally ahead or behind on the milestones specified in your textbook. Report the fine
and gross motor skills (record the physical capabilities of the child), outdoor games (basketball,
soccer, etc.) Also, record the general health and illness of the child.
Cognitive Development
– Infant:- Look for substages of Piaget’s sensorimotor period, language development (types of
errors, vocabulary, etc.), object permanence, memory, how does the infant seek stimulation,
how does the child engage with the environment, etc.
-Early childhood:- Can you identify Piaget’s substage of cognitive development- conservation, do
they ask questions? Look for their level of language development, vocabulary, etc.
-Middle Childhood:- Report the child’s performance in school, grade level, etc. Do you know the
child’s level based on Piaget’s stages? What can you say about the child’s language
development or vocabulary?
Socioemotional Development
-Infant:- Look for indicators of the child’s temperament (Thomas and Chess dimensions and the
three temperamental styles- difficult, easy, and slow to warm up), attachment styles (based on
interaction with caregivers, siblings), emotions (smiling, crying) and type and variety of
emotions expressed, etc.
-Early childhood:- Identify Erikson’s stage of psychosocial development and describe it. Identify
temperamental patterns (i.e., observe how the child is interacting with others (shy or outgoing; is
the child comfortable around strangers, etc.) Also, observe the child’s temper, aggression (look
for relations with peers, siblings, and signs of competitiveness), types of play engaged by the
child (e.g., rough and tumble) and observe whether the child has any preferred toys or games,
etc. Note how the child is interacting with their parents and the style of parenting. What types of
TV programs does the child observe?
-Middle Childhood:- How does the child interact with others-peer, parents, siblings? What about
the child’s friendship patterns? What can you say about the child’s development based on
Erikson’s stages? What would you say about the child’s personality and behavior?


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