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This paper is about my internship experience in Dubai. My school requires me to

by | Sep 18, 2021 | English 101 | 0 comments

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This paper is about my internship experience in Dubai. My school requires me to take an internship and I choose Dubai. I did my internship in the EDGE Hotels owned by the Jannah group. I was in the F&B department for half of the time and the other half I did Front office.
The student will reflect on their experience during the internship and how they have
evolved over the course of time, both professionally and personally.
The student will have to:
➢ Briefly describe the context, tasks and team in which they worked.
➢ Present the company in its entirety, its history, its location, its organization.
➢ Link their initial expectations of the department in which they worked to their own
perceived skills in this area at the beginning of their internship (to what extent did
they consider themselves a “fit” for the position?)
➢ Reflect on their achievements, their strengths (personal and professional) during
the internship.
➢ All the challenges they faced and how they handled the situation.
➢ Analyze how they have evolved: were their perceived skills in line with industry
expectations? Has this changed their personal and professional plans for the
future, both during their studies and beyond?
➢ The student thoughts should be based on concrete examples of the internship,
discussions with colleagues, internship supervisor and instructor/mentor, about
their collaborative, communication and professionalism skills.
It is worth mentioning how their analysis of the problem they identified in the first
evaluation helped them develop their understanding of themselves and/or the industry.
Reflections must be linked to the theoretical and external perspectives of specialized
journals and/or professional or academic articles or journals. APA referencing should be
Students should write about 4500 to 7000 words on points listed above, with a
reference list at the end.
This is the first part of the assignment that I did. I’m just showing you this to give you an idea of what it’s about.
The Importance of Online Reviews
I confirm that this work is my own. Additionally, I confirm that no part of this coursework, except where clearly quoted and referenced, has been copied from material belonging to any other person e.g., from a book, handout, another student. I am aware that it is a breach of GIHE regulations to copy the work of another without clear acknowledgement and that attempting to do so renders me liable to disciplinary procedures. To this effect, I have uploaded my work onto Turnitin and have ensured that I have made any relevant corrections to my work prior to submission.
Table Of Contents
Introduction 3
Importance and strategies review 4
Experience and Suggestion 6
Research Methods 7
Conclusion 9
Us humans of this earth have evolved so much to the point where we no longer have to see a person physically to interact with them. Now we can use our digital devices to communicate with people all over the world. Furthermore our social media allows us to share our experiences and opinions. Online reviews have become so crucial that according to Khalid Saleh “The fact is, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. And 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations” (Saleh, 2018). As people try eating at different restaurants and staying at different hotels they leave that property with an opinion which becomes what we call a “review”. As we mingle about and socialize with our peers, we tend to exchange our past experiences. Such as vacations, dinners, parties, etc. A strong customer satisfaction rate is imperative to uphold a healthy hospitality based business. An unmotivated team would receive bad reviews thus ruing their reputation. According to Michael Luca, a one-star increase in a restaurant’s rating on Yelp leads to a 9% increase in revenue (Luca, 2016).
Importance and strategies review
“TripAdvisor is an online info mediation platform on which travelers can compare prices and costumer reviews on hotels, restaurants and other touristic attractions. The value created essentially lies in the reduction of search costs for customers and in the enhancement of market transparency (Neirotti, 2016).
With that being said, new customers now no longer have to go experience a new restaurant or hotel blindly. Websites and apps such ass Trip Advisor have giving us access to many other people’s reviews, opinions, and experience. They can now simply choose their stay or dine somewhere where they know they will be taken care of. Online reviews can also boost a business. Good reviews can result in popularity and branding. Tourists usually would have no idea where the best places are but with online reviews they can find the perfect restaurant or hotel for them. These reviews include descriptions, menus, recommendations, comments, and even stories. A one-star increase in a restaurant’s rating on Yelp leads to a 9% increase in revenue. On the other hand, bad reviews result in a 13% drop in sales (Luca, 2016). Evidently, this is why businesses in the hospitality industry have to set goal and stay focused to maintain a good rating. Many times tourist find themselves eating or staying at low credited establishments because they simply don’t know anywhere better. They could ask around but the most efficient way for them would be to search it up in Google. They will see every restaurant and hotel in there specified location along with the ratings. These ratings are created by real customers that have experienced the business before. In this example as the good reviews build up and the business has reached to a point where they have a good credibility and satisfaction rate, they will be regularly busy and have great traffic.
According to Michael Luca, when a restaurant increases its hygiene card from a B to an A, it experiences a 5% increase in revenue and also gains more customer loyalty and credibility. People like to see that a place is clean and taken care of. As customers start regularly visiting a place they get comfortable with the “product” and develop a so called relationship with the business. The customers’ expectations might be held higher because of past encounters. Sometimes even regular guests may change their opinion and go somewhere else. That is why it is important to keep a standard.
Fig: Guest satisfaction score for hotel experience
(Source: 2021)
The inconvenience, which can be detected from the graph, is that of 56% for the customer delights, which is low, as compared to customer engagement, empower, and knowledge. Therefore, to increase the score for customer delights, one of the aspects on which data can be collected is that of “Preference for the Loyalty Programs among the customers” (Refer to Appendix).
Experience and Suggestion
During my recent internship I was in Dubai. I was working in the F&B department as well as the front office. My location; Edge Creekside Hotel was actually just opened about 6 months prior to my arrival. Amazingly enough the relatively brand new hotel had a 9.2/ 10 rating on To get these results the Edge team did numerous events and gestures. They would have me make regular room calls to check on the guests. Usually the guests would say everything is fine, but if there was ever a complaint we would contact the department necessary and get the issue sorted as soon as we could. Evidently the hotel that I was at even though was new, had a good management. They would even have monthly assembly’s, where they would commend the staff of the month. What surprised me the most is that they even went as far as to look into all of the reviews and see different employee names. Every employee that had their name shown in a review comment would get paid a certain amount. Throughout all my research I have only found a few solutions. Because the hotel had great reviews there’s little to be done in order to make them get even better reviews. The hotel could run different promotions so that more guests come in and give reviews to the same high quality experience the hotel had before. They could do giveaways that not only provide marketing but also gives the guests a good impression.
Research Methods
The methods of research consist of the philosophy and design along with the collection and analysis of data and information. The research is primary, thus, both qualitative and quantitative data have to be considered here. The positivism philosophy of research has been found to be effective considering the fact that the information is derived from sensory experiences, which could be interpreted through logical reasoning. The descriptive design of research is suitable because it has helped in describing the happenings of the research in much details, while even filled the gaps in research (Sheng et al. 2019). Without any prior assumptions, the information and data have been collected, which focused on ‘what’ and ‘how’ aspects, rather than the ‘why’ aspect. The research design has also created a link between variables of the research, which are the importance of online reviews of a hotel and how proper responding to customers’ feedbacks and responses have contributed to building trust within the clients.
The collection of data, both primary and secondary is crucial for this research. It has to be possible through distribution of survey questionnaires to the people and by arranging interview sessions with the managers of the hotel. The random sampling technique is effective for choosing a group of people from a large heterogeneous group. It could provide questionnaires to the randomly selected respondents and they offer their responses without any biasness, which is basically the quantitative data (Igwenagu 2016). The researcher also has interviewed the managers of the hotel by asking them questions about what they feel about online reviews and hot it impacts the relationship between employees and guests while acts as a sales tool too (Xu et al. 2017). The qualitative and quantitative data constitute the primary data, whereas the secondary data has been gathered by assessing the secondary sources such as journals, articles, newspapers, websites and documents containing information about the research subject. The analysis of data would be done by using SPSS tool and interpret those properly for better understanding of the research (Zhang et al. 2021).
Throughout my extensive research It is conspicuous that online reviews play a huge role in the hospitality industry. As stated before, as more and more people visit a location they get a good image and post reviews of their experience. These great experiences give them good ratings and ultimately increases the awareness of the business. I have shown you the research and how it proves that it is a great emphasis for businesses to give their customers the ability to share great things and conclusively let their voice be heard. Trust and relationships will always be great in the long run as word of mouth is such a strong marketing strategy. The competition is strong in this market and online reviews are a great plus when anyone is looking for the right place to eat or stay. Lastly, in any concern, the online reviews, stories, feedback, and comments should be responded with urge by bringing enhancements. Guests would be curious and interested to visit the hotel again and see the prior issues become great improvements.
Igwenagu, C. (2016, April 19). Fundamentals of research methodology and data collection. ResearchGate.
Luca, M. (2016, March 15). Reviews, Reputation, and Revenue: The Case of Yelp.Com. Https://Papers.Ssrn.Com/Sol3/Papers.Cfm?Abstract_id=1928601.
Neirotti, P. N. (2016, December 1). Are customers’ reviews creating value in the hospitality industry? Exploring the moderating effects of market positioning. ScienceDirect.
An online reviews-driven method for the prioritization of improvements in hotel services. (2021, December 1). ScienceDirect.
Saleh, K. (2018, April 11). The Importance Of Online Customer Reviews [Infographic]. Invesp.,business%20with%20%E2%80%9Cexcellent%E2%80%9D%20reviews.&text=On%20average%2C%20a%20one%2Dstar,increase%20in%20a%20business’s%20revenue.
Sheng, J. (2019). Managerial Responses to Online Reviews: A Text Analytics Approach. The University of Aberdeen Research Portal.
Xu, X. (2017). [PDF] Business intelligence in online customer textual reviews: Understanding consumer perceptions and influential factors | Semantic Scholar. Semantic Scholar.

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