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Prompt: How (through what actions) did everyday people change American society s

by | May 15, 2022 | American History | 0 comments


How (through what actions) did everyday people change American society since 1945?
You will write a 7 page of essay text, not including the front page and bibliography, take-home essay that addresses the prompt. I have given you an additional page because you have an additional chapter.
This essay is a broader look at six chapters of material. You will go into less detail about any one source used that when you learn the material each week. For examples. you don’t need to provide a long explanation of the background of a primary source, just include a quote and footnote to use that source as evidence in support of your argument.
You should include information from ALL three categories: 1) all textbook chapters, 2) all assigned primary source readings, 3) all lectures, and 4) all film clip. Do not use non-class material.
You are demonstrating your knowledge of the class material in the assigned chapters so you should use as many examples as possible from the three categories. The purpose of the essay exam is to demonstrate that you have learned the assigned material. The majority (75%) of your grade will come from your inclusion of that assigned material. Assigned material included the textbook chapter, the primary sources, the lectures, and film clips. To do well on the essay, you need to include ALL of the material assigned in each category. Textbook chapters are have the most information and require multiple references from each chapter. Each of the other sources should include at least one reference.
In order to include all of the required material, you will have to plan ahead and double check your sources. I recommend following the suggested steps on the next page.
Answer the question in essay format. Essay format includes 1) an introductory paragraph (~ ½ page) with a thesis statement (last sentence of first paragraph) which includes three categories of evidence, 2) three sections of evidence each with a topic sentence (first sentence of the section) which supports your thesis, and 3) a concluding paragraph (~ ½ page) with a concluding statement (first sentence of last sentence, restates thesis). Follow the sample outline in Blackboard.
Your purpose is to provide evidence in support of an argument, not just state what happened in the material.
Use Chicago format for the footnotes and bibliography. You must use footnotes (citations at the bottom of each page, not in the text) and include a bibliography or you will receive a 10% deduction in your grade. All written sources, including the primary sources, must include page numbers.
**Given the turn around time required for essay exam #2, late essays will not be accepted except in extraordinary cases. **
*** Do not just list all of the assigned sources in bibliography. Your bibliography must only include the sources that you include in the footnotes. If you include other sources, it is a misrepresentation of the sources that you used in the essay and will be considered a form of plagiarism.***
Formatting Requirements:
Essay text- double spaced
Footnotes and bibliography- single spaced with a space between each item
12-point font (footnote is size 10)
1-inch margins (not 1.25 which can be the default)
Title Page (title of assignment, your name, class, date).
Your last name in header in upper right corner (create a header, don’t just type this in on each page)
Numbered pages (lower center) (the first page of text is page 1, not the title page)
There is no extra space after a paragraph. You may have to change your default settings.
The maximum length is seven pages of essay text and footnotes. I will not read more than eight pages of essay text and footnotes.
Notes about history essays:
Each of your three categories sections should be of a similar length.
Write your paper using the past tense.
Write your paper in the third person and not include I, you, we, or us.
You do not need to identify the source of your material in the body of your essay. You do not need to say, In the textbook, Roark says… The source will be indicated in your footnote.
Do not just list all of the assigned sources in bibliography. Your bibliography must only include the sources that you include in the footnotes. If you include other sources, it is a misrepresentation of the sources that you used in the essay and will be considered a form of plagiarism.
Please divide your bibliography into groups: textbook, primary sources, lectures, and films, Label each group and alphabetize the sources within each group.
The actions of everyday people can include actions by individuals, groups, or organizations.
Everyday people are people not in the government. Do not focus on the president, members of Congress, or the Supreme Court unless they are acting in response to the actions of everyday people.
Your three categories should be an action, which is shown be shown by including a verb for each category.
Your categories should not be a person, group, or organization.
Your categories should not be the resulting change in the society, but the action used to create the change.
Important notes:
-please include 1 quote from each primary source, each audio clip and each lecture chapter and from each textbook chapter.
-As my professor said earlier each textbook chapter has the most information so for extra quotes you can use the textbook chapter 26-31
– chapter 30 doesnt have audio clip. so please only use lecture chapter and the textbook and the primary sourcce for this chapter.
-CHapter 31 does not have any audio clip and primary source. So please only use lecture chapter and textbook for chapter 31.
– Please do not use any source outside of the sources provided below as my professor will consider it as plagirism.
– There are total of 26 sources provided below including 6 chpters of textbook.
– please add 4 extra quotes from textbook from chapter 26 to 31 on top of a the one quote requirement per chapter.
– I uploaded the format for footnotes and bibliography in the way that my professors want. please make sure you check the sample for bibliography as it will give you a really good overview of how the bibliography should look. Also please make sure you check the footnote formatting and bibliography formatting as my professor is super strict about the formatting.


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