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Critical Reading Journal Week 14 Note that all critical reading assignments will

by | May 15, 2022 | English | 0 comments


Critical Reading Journal Week 14
Note that all critical reading assignments will be checked for plagiarism. All of your work must be original in content, including ideas presented. You can upload your assignments using Google Docs and a link, a PDF, or a Word document. No other formats will be accepted.
Instructions for this assignment
Read the literary definition of the following terms and then complete the assignment that follows:
Figures of speech
Ways of using language that deviate from the literal, denotative (dictionary) meanings of words in order to suggest additional meanings or effects. Figures of speech say one thing in terms of something else, such as when an eager funeral director is described as a vulture. See also metaphor, simile.
A common figure of speech that makes an explicit comparison between two things by using words such as like, as, than, appears, and seems: “A sip of Mrs. Cook’s coffee is like a punch in the stomach.” The effectiveness of this simile is created by the differences between the two things compared. There would be no simile if the comparison were stated this way: “Mrs. Cook’s coffee is as strong as the cafeteria’s coffee.” This is a literal translation because Mrs. Cook’s coffee is compared with something like it—another kind of coffee. See also figures of speech, metaphor.
A metaphor is a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two unlike things, without using the word like or as. Metaphors assert the identity of dissimilar things, as when Macbeth asserts that life is a “brief candle.” Metaphors can be subtle and powerful, and can transform people, places, objects, and ideas into whatever the writer imagines them to be. An implied metaphor is a more subtle comparison; the terms being compared are not so specifically explained. For example, to describe a stubborn man unwilling to leave, one could say that he was “a mule standing his ground.” This is a fairly explicit metaphor; the man is being compared to a mule. But to say that the man “brayed his refusal to leave” is to create an implied metaphor, because the subject (the man) is never overtly identified as a mule. Braying is associated with the mule, a notoriously stubborn creature, and so the comparison between the stubborn man and the mule is sustained. Implied metaphors can slip by inattentive readers who are not sensitive to such carefully chosen, highly concentrated language. See also figures of speech, personification, simile.
A form of metaphor in which human characteristics are attributed to nonhuman things. Personification offers the writer a way to give the world life and motion by assigning familiar human behaviors and emotions to animals, inanimate objects, and abstract ideas. For example, in Keats’s “Ode on a Grecian Urn,” the speaker refers to the urn as an “unravished bride of quietness.” See also metaphor.
For this assignment: you will identify one simile (Boyle’s seemingly favorite form of figure of speech), one metaphor, and one personification found in Tortilla Curtain on pages 98-182 (has to be these pages). To complete this assignment properly, provide the following parts for each of the 3 identifications (100 minimum words for each identification; note that quotes make up a small portion of this word count):
1) Indicate whether your identification is a simile, metaphor, or personification
2) Pull a quote from Tortilla Curtain that shows the literary device (simile, metaphor, or
personification), using MLA
3) Explain how it shows the device. In other words, apply the technical definition to the quote and how the author uses it. Show me where the figure of speech is in the writing. If it is a simile or metaphor, what is being compared and what makes it a metaphor rather than a simile. If it is a personification, what human characteristics are used and what object are these characteristics applied to?
4) Explain the effect of the literary device and why the author chose to use the device rather than just literal language. In other words, how does the figure of speech impact the reader compared to a literal phrase?
Example (except from earlier reading, again you need to use pages 98-182):
1) Personification
2) He clung to the side of his car as the sun caught his head in a hammerlock (Boyle 4).
3) Boyle uses human characteristics of someone catching another’s head in a hammerlock and applies this action toward the sun. Sunlight cannot literally catch a person’s head and wrap its arms around it. The sun does not have arms.
4) The effect of this literary device is that the reader forms an image of how powerful the sun is and how hot it must be. It is as if the sun strangles Delaney, causing him to have difficulty breathing and prompting him to stay close to his car. In this moment, Delaney fears being outside of his car’s air conditioning for too long. Using personification rather than describing a person feeling so hot due to intense sunlight, creates a short cut for the writer as it is easier to describe how a character feels using figurative language that allows the reader to relate to the experience. It also encapsulates so much more than it being hot if the reader thinks about how addicted people are to technology and luxuries it affords. It makes the reader reflect on how before air conditioning, not that many years ago, people did not have air conditioning. Perhaps without air conditioning many rural or suburban areas would remain unpopulated and in its natural habitat. For instance, this personification connects to the overarching theme Boyle puts forth about human invasion into a habitat. The coyote did not invade Delaney’s yard; Delaney invaded the coyote’s. Even a domestic dog is a canine like a coyote, yet humans have made dogsvulnerable prey to its own species.


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