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Universal Healthcare It has been suggested by some that universal health care wi

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Health Care | 0 comments

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Universal Healthcare
It has been suggested by some that universal health care will result in a decrease in the overall quality of medical services.
What is YOUR opinion?
1.) Should health care be universal?
2.) Is health care a privilege or a right?
3.) Does everyone have a right to medical care regardless of income or employment?
4.) Would universal coverage decrease the quality of medical care for all?
**** Use examples from the reading and required resources to support your answers to the above questions.****
required source:
Please select one website on this list, review it and bring it to our discussion board. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Please complete the homework as required. Please remember that I am an international student from China. Please don’t use too difficult grammar and vocabulary. Don’t forget to reply to the classmates post, which is also part of the homework.
first classmates post:Hello class and professor,
Healthcare should be universal for all, as it would lead to the improvement of the quality of life for every person, irrespective of whether he /she can afford expensive medical treatment or not. It would help the people to be proactive about their health and would reduce the cost of healthcare associated with delays and carelessness in treatment of diseases. It will bring the healthcare within reach of underprivileged people, thereby improving the overall life expectency and producivity of the population.
Heathcare should be a right for all, not privilege for select few. It is correct, both morally as well as in economic terms, where, by making it a right, it will not only help to produce a healthy population which would lead to greater economic output for the country. but also help to bring healthcare witin reach of the poor, who would otherwise find themselves deprived of healthcare in want of resources. However, no one should take it for granted, and respect the very objective of the initiative. There should be provision of revocation if someone tries to abuse it.
Yes. One of the basic objectives of universalisation of healthcare should be to bring underprivileged and low income groups in the mainstream of healthcare.
Such initiatives should always be accompanied by the augmentation of healthcare facilities and resources to be able to meet the rising demand and to maintain the same level of quality.
second classmates post:
Hi Prof. Abushahba and Classmates
Should health care be universal?
No. I think US Citizens should work and contribute to the program to receive health insurance except If they are a child or elderly or handicap. At the same time, yes, it should be universal for those indigents and poor people that need help to survive until they can get on their feet. This method of helping the people that can not afford health insurance may be a good idea if when they can help themselves at a later time, they can contribute into a health plan of there choice and pay their taxes to help the government continue to provide medical needs.
“The right to have access to health care is not just recognized by Our Declaration of Independence, but is something internationally recognized as a human right.” The Telescope (2018, February 28). Should the U.S. have free universal healthcare? Pro – The Telescope ( Retrieved from (Links to an external site.).
Is health care a privilege or a right?
This is a debatable question. In my opinion, health care should be a right. I believe that everyone is equal, and no one is better than anyone else. It is understood that some work hard to get medical health but others do not work at all and they get health care without the hard work which makes it unfair for those that sweat like a pig to get medical care. (like me).
“As there is real-life evidence to support both outlooks, the debate over whether healthcare is a right or a privilege ultimately is a values-based debate.” MHA Online (n.d.). Issues in Healthcare: Arguments for Healthcare as a Right or Privilege ( (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from
Does everyone have a right to medical care regardless of income or employment?
In my opinion, everyone has a right to medical care regardless of income or employment because not everyone could obtain a job due to there disability or other problems so they can contribute into the health care and have health insurance but because of no fault of their own with their disability, they cannot work to contribute for health care. As humans, we all are important, and the government should treat all in The US as equal.
“The U.S. Constitution does not guarantee the right to health care services, unlike the constitutions of more than half of the world’s nations. Furthermore, the United States had the second-lowest rate of health care coverage (Links to an external site.) among industrialized nations in 2015.
Health care in the United States must be obtained either through one’s employer, from the private marketplace, or (if you’re elderly or indigent) via Medicare or Medicaid. But while there’s no guaranteed right to get the medical care you need, federal law sets certain standards and protections for access to care and ensures the right to obtain emergency medical services regardless of one’s ability to pay.” Findlaw (2018, June 20). Is Health Care a Right? – FindLaw. Retrieved from https:// (Links to an external site.).
Would universal coverage decrease the quality of medical care for all?
Yes, I think it may decrease the quality of medical care for, not all Citizen, but for some people not all people, because the health insurance company will find an alternative to provide cheaper health care to cover for it.
“America’s health care system, while among the best in the world, faces multiple systemic barriers to providing the best care possible to every patient. In its 2003 State of Health Care Quality Report, the National Committee for Quality Assurance cites six main factors that prevent many Americans from receiving the highest standards of care. They include:
The slow pace with which new technology, information and guidelines are adopted by the health care industry.
Current and historical lack of government incentives, standards, or direction.
Inconsistent care by physicians and other health care professionals.
Lack of widespread collaboration and information sharing among health care organizations.
The failure of existing financing and reimbursement mechanisms to provide incentives for excellence.
The failure of the health care system to measure and report on performance.”
Medicare Advocacy (2021). Quality of Care | Center for Medicare Advocacy. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.).
Comments from Customer
Discipline: bioethics

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